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If you have questions about my music or would like to commission a new work, please contact me using the form below!

If you would like to commission a work,

please include as many details as possible about your concept for the project.

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Commissioning A New Work - FAQs

How can I commission a new work?


Contact me as early as you can so that I can integrate your new project into my schedule.  The information below may help answer a few of your questions before you get started.


What should I include in my commission request?


Please provide as much detail as possible!  Theme, length, venue, difficulty, ensembles, orchestration, dated needed, and date of first performance.  Also include any other details that you think will help me to understand what you desire for your project.


How long does it take to compose a new work?


Many of the details you provide will help determine this answer.  Generally, a 3-5 minute work for a small ensemble will take about 3-6 months.  A med-sized work, about 6-9 months.  A larger work can range anywhere from 9-24 months.

What other successful commissions/collaborations have you completed?


In addition to writing for many small local ensembles, I have completed numerous works for the Bellevue Choral Society as Composer-in-Residence.  I recently collaborated with the Omaha Symphonic Chorus and the Nebraska Wind Symphony to create a featured original large work celebrating 200 years of Nebraska.  Currently, I am working on a Requiem that will be premiered as part of the 2019 Palm Sunday celebration service at Presbyterian Church of the Cross in Omaha, Nebraska.  


Do you collaborate with poets and artists?

Yes!  I love to work with other original creators and have collaborated on a number of projects with poets.  

How much does it cost to commission a work?

Works will be considered based on length, orchestration, and date needed.  Please tell me as much as you can about your concept so we can discuss the details!

Thanks For Stopping By!

I very much appreciate your interest in my music.  I hope you stop by again soon!

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