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"Lord, make me an instrument of Thy peace"

Prayer of Saint Francis features poetry attributed to 13th Century Monk, St Francis of Assisi, Italy.

Though attributed to Saint Francis many centuries after his death, Saint Francis' great devotion to God is beautifully echoed in this poem, as much a work of art, as a humble prayer.

This powerful setting of the Prayer of St Francis reflects a deeply intimate relationship between St Francis and the Lord, illustrating the internal conflict of God's Will versus man's. On his knees in prayer, hands folded, eyes closed, face turned away from the heavens... he asks so humbly to give what he cannot himself completely offer... The unconditional, perfect love of Christ.

Prayer of Saint Francis was originally written for children's chorus, but could easily accommodate women's or boy's choir.

Approx. 4 minutes in length

Prayer of Saint Francis (SSAA, Chamber Strings and Bb Trumpet)

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  • SSAA, Chamber Strings and Bb Trumpet