Caffeinated Dreams is a humorous piece that pokes fun at high-dollar coffee by depicting a figurative monkey that is constantly trying to steal your latte. Anyone who has had the need for a nice warm caramel latte on a cold day (or any day) will enjoy this composition. Caffeine addicted people everywhere understand how difficult it is to get that monkey off your back... The one that's always telling you to cut back on your coffee habit. Watch out, or he'll steal your latte too! Caffeinated Dreams was inspired by the large number of coffee shops in Omaha, Nebraska, specifically one called Caffeine Dreams. If you are ever in the area, you should check it out. Also of note, there are small humorous illustrations throughout the score and parts to help inspire the performers. Perhaps you could attempt to get a local establishment to let you sing this piece for acup of java. I would.


Humorous - You and your audience will love this piece!


SATB/Solo Monkey with Conga, Bass Drum, Claves, Sand Block


**Please note the MIDI audio sample does not reproduce any of the choir's non-singing vocalizations, of which there are many. Additionally, no monkey could be reached in time to make this recording, so that too is omitted. That being said, I think you will still very much enjoy this piece!


Premiere: University of Nebraska at Omaha - University Chorus


Difficulty: Moderate - A great piece for just about any choir...but especially for those old enough to drink a lot of coffee.

Caffeinated Dreams

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