Poet J. Roger Wilson, a native of Youngstown, Ohio, began writing at the age of fifteen. Encouraged early on by his grandmother and fellow poet, Gladys Proudman, he began his endeavor to share his joy in the Lord through the written word. Roger’s wife, Annette, and their relationship together with Christ have been the inspiration for many of Roger’s beautiful texts. Each of his works resounds with great joy and sincerity, and yet resonates with humble praise and thanksgiving for the blessings in his life. His thoughtful and lyric poetry seems to capture the inmost thoughts one often wishes to convey but can rarely find the words to express.

A powerful setting of love’s tranquility juxtaposed with an intense emotional and spiritual connection, Annette stirs the soul as one realizes the depth of intimacy shared between a husband and wife so profoundly in love. J. Roger Wilson’s Sonnet 1, the first of nineteen sonnets from a series entitled Sonnets For Annette, is an expression of the deep love he and his wife have shared over the years. This musical setting of Sonnet 1 was composed as a gift for Roger's and Annette's 25th wedding anniversary at Roger’s request.

Roger’s other major works include Homage to the Lamb, Quest for the Crystal Kingdom, and Sonnets for Annette.

This eight-part a cappella work embodies the essence of the choral sound. From the most quiet to intense moments, Annette beautifully blends the voices of the choir, revealing the warmth and tenderness expressed by the text. Performers and audiences will share a great affection for this piece.

Annette was written in dedication to the deepest love that Roger and his wife, Annette, so obviously share with each other, and their strong faith in the Lord that makes this depth of love possible.

Premiere: The Nebraska Choral Arts Society (NCAS) Masterworks Choir premiered this work. Roger and Annette were both present for the performance.

Difficulty: Intermediate - A well-balanced choir of moderate size can perform this piece beautifully.

Best printed on 8.5" x 11" paper.

Approx. 5 minutes in length


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