All the World in Silence and Joy is a celebration of some of the most well-known and beloved Christmas songs sung throughout the world each Christmas season. The intent was to create an arrangement that captured the hope and joy of the season with a distinct style and atmosphere for each individual song while remaining firmly rooted in the original versions of each.


All the World begins quietly, in the still of the night, as people from around the world begin to sing, imagining the joy and wonder at the miracle that centuries ago was about to occur in a lowly manger under the stars. As the piece progresses, we hear several perspectives on the events occurring, from wonder and proclamation of Christ’s birth to the joy and celebration of the gift He brings to the world. For a brief moment toward the end, the listener is reminded why a Savior was sent for the people of the world.


All the World is not intended to be an evangelical outreach to the singer or the audience. Rather it is a celebration of the freedom to express and share the profound and personal beliefs and traditions of all faiths under the banner of freedom of religion and expression that exists in this great nation. The best example of this freedom is to be able to express one’s own beliefs while still respecting and honoring the beliefs of all those around us. While you may not personally share the views of the those who wrote the texts in this music, I hope that you share the spirit of freedom that this piece is intended to celebrate.


All the World makes and excellent addition to any holiday or seasonal repertoire.  The choral parts are easily learned and the piano very much complements the choir.  If you are looking to add interest and excitement to the standard holiday carol repertoire, or even if you're just looking for a great concert closer, All the World is an excellent solution.


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Approx. 7'30"


SATB non-divisi, piano accompaniment

All the World in Silence and Joy

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  • SATB non-divisi, piano accompaniment